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👋🏼💜Five fingers because I don’t have FIFTY... Animaechan, however, does have fifty... thousand subscribers 😮 WHAT?! ✨🥳 #50K #animaeislife

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いたずらな 🏵 • @jordaanting 🀄️ We think we know our own-selves? Or do we at all? Interestingly enough, most are familiar with my very outward, extraverted persona... Though at the same time, I may easily reverse into intraversion... Due to this, I am easily misunderstood... I’ve struggled to find a balance between the two... Almost as if I do not know which persona to turn on at a given situation...Which is why I may feel isolated at times... Only to realize that this feeling was produced by my own doing... And that I also have the power to change at any moment...🎗

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They Fall In Line👣 I Live By My Design ⛓ • @_theonlyreid 🕷

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STIXX🕷⛓🕷 • @_theonlyreid ⚔️

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Hell-Razor 📯⚜️⚔️ • @_theonlyreid 🧠

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